Hardwood Flooring Vs. Vinyl Flooring: Which One Is For You?

Hardwood Flooring Vs. Vinyl Flooring: Which One Is For You?

If you’re renovating your home, the multitude of flooring options before you must be giving you a hard time! After all, it not only defines and affects the entire aesthetics of your home, but it is also a huge financial investment. You will want to take your pick wisely.

Many people seek the classy appeal of natural wood in their home, which is why they narrow down their options to two: Rubicon hardwood flooring and high-end vinyl planks. If you are confused regarding which one to choose between these two options, then this blog is for you. We have listed the pros and cons of each type of flooring here:

Vinyl Flooring

As you may know, vinyl planks are dyed, polished, and textured to mimic the appearance of different species of hardwood, even the most exotic ones. This means that you can bring home a premium look at less than half the price of natural wood. Also, Rubicon vinyl flooring demands less care and maintenance than hardwood flooring. Regular vacuuming and mopping with vinyl-friendly cleaners is all you need.

Another big advantage that comes with vinyl flooring is that it is not prone to bloating as it does not absorb moisture like its counterpart. It is also softer and more sound absorbent than hardwood. If you are looking for an option that’s affordable and makes for easy installation, this is the way to go.

But at the same time, bear in mind that wear and tear caused to vinyl cannot be repaired. The plank in question will have to be replaced altogether. Unlike natural wood, it cannot be recycled.

Hardwood Flooring

The resale value of your home will immediately shoot through the roof once you install Rubicon hardwood flooring! Not only will it lend mellow, warm and aesthetically pleasing vibes to your home sweet home, but it will also last you for years to come.

Hardwood can be repaired and recycled over the years. But it is important to remember that it can be quite expensive and take longer to install. Moreover, if the ground surface is uneven, then the wood can bend after a few months, which is why hiring experts for the ground leveling job is recommended.

It would be a good practice to sweep away dust particles from hardwood floorsas often as possible as they are susceptible to scratches. Proper maintenance is also necessary to keep moisture damage at bay.

That being said, the classy appeal of Rubicon hardwood flooring is hard to miss and the difference between vinyl and wood can be discerned by a trained eye easily.

Keep your lifestyle and habits in mind before you make your decision. Of course, each type of flooring has its own set of advantages and disadbatnages. You will want one that retains its look and value over the years and meets your budget, style and requirements. At Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse, we have an interesting collection of Rubicon vinyl flooring and options that you will love! Ring us up at (855)-356-6786 if you have any questions!