Hand scraped/Distressed

Handscraped floors give a rustic beauty and unique texture to any home. These “pre-worn” and low gloss sheened floors allow peace of mind from daily wear and tear.

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What does handscraped hardwood mean?

A handscraped floor is made by using a planer to create a ripple look.  In addition, there are chatter marks that add to the rustic charm.

Is hand scraped hardwood more expensive?

Handscraped flooring is not more expensive than other kinds of wood flooring

What is wirebrushed vs handscraped?

Wirebrushed wood flooring has subtle, intentional wire scratches that leave the heart of the wood exposed to the surface, handscraped floors have a appearance with peaks and valleys and often have additional distressing to add to the look.

How do you maintain hand scraped hardwood floors?

Most floors require the same kinds of maintenance.  Sweep and vacuum your floors.  In addition you can use a cleaner like BONA.  However refer to your floors manufacturer so you use the cleaner they recommend.