Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse: Your destination for Wire Brush / Oil Finish Flooring

If you love the classy look of Wire brushed and Oil Finished floors, you can easily recreate the style in your home with Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse’s selection of the finest Engineered and hardwood floors with Wire brush and Oil finish. Wire brushed finished floors are a great option for both homes and offices. It is better than smoother finished floors due to the benefit of masking scratches and for a more contemporary look. Oil finished floors are also beneficial for long term care, being able to spot treat potential stains without having to spend thousands on refinishing a larger area. The best part is that you can achieve any look you want simply by picking out the right type of Wire brushed or Oil finished flooring! We offer an exciting assortment of styles, colors, patterns, and finishes from top brands to match your design vision for every room in your house or your office. Whether you are looking for a rustic floor with a wire brushed or oil finish or something more contemporary with the same finish, you can choose from our varied options to match your interior decor style and impress your family and friends every time they walk into your home.

Wire brushing your engineered or hardwood flooring is designed to bring the grain of the wood to the surface and have more texture and grip. The Oil finish is mean to be sleeker and smoother, making cleaning the floor much simpler. Both the wire brush and the oil finish are available at Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse that will fit into almost all kind of interior design.

Choose from a Variety of Wire brushed / Oil finished Floors!

With advancements in technology, manufacturing, research, and development flooring options continue to expand every day. At Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse, discover a stunning variety of Wire brushed and oil finished flooring to suit all your needs and requirements. Here are some of the types of Wire brushed and oil finished flooring you can choose from:

  • Wire brushed Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Wire brushed Laminate Flooring
  • Wire brushed Solid wood Flooring
  • Wire brushed Hardwood Flooring
  • Wire brushed Bamboo Flooring
  • Oil finished Engineered Wood Flooring
  • Oil finished Solid wood Flooring
  • Oil finished Hardwood Flooring
  • Oil finished Bamboo Flooring

Why Buy Wire brushed and oil finished flooring

When looking for gorgeous yet durable flooring for your home or office, you should always opt for something that will continue to look good for a long time. Wire brushed, and oil finished flooring offers just that. It is perfect for Large families and pets, and it’s the ideal choice for increasing your home’s value. Cleaning and maintaining is an easy, hassle-free task.

Browse through our selection of Wire brushed and oil finished flooring online and walk into one of our stores to make a purchase. We are the best source for Wire brushed and oil finished flooring!