4 Mistakes You Don’t Know you’re Making While Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Whether you’re redecorating, renovating, or buying a new house, one of the top-notch upgrades that you can give to your house is by installing hardwood floors. Gone are the days when carpets were used at homes. Rather, classic hardwood floors are now a popular choice among many because of their stylish appeal that adds a lot to the feel of a house. Investing in wholesale hardwood flooring is one thing and cleaning it at appropriate frequencies is another. However, not many know the exact ways of keeping it looking spick and span throughout. Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors can be quite a puzzle especially for those who are new to it. Here’s why we have listed 4 common mistakes that people do, but you must avoid while cleaning your new wholesale engineered hardwood flooring.

Mistake 1 Wet Mopping

Did you know that wet mopping could cause the wooden floors to swell? Wet mopping indeed can be harmful to the quality and sustainability of your new wholesale hardwood flooring. While these floors are known for their longer lifespan and intactness; however, you should not exploit this fact to an extent that it turns against it. Wooden floors tend to have pores within them that can easily absorb moisture. So, it’s logical how using a wet mop is a minus. Regardless, if you’re still down for mopping, try dry or slightly moist mops to make the floors look brand new all over again.

Mistake 2 Vacuuming with stiff bristles

The reality is, not all vacuums are made the same. They are all different in their own ways and built. But what could go wrong in vacuuming hardwood floors? It’s the improper or unsuitable attachments. Vacuums that have rotating heads with stiff bristles can be caustic on softwood. Moreover, any vacuum attachment that’s harsh on surfaces like these can lead to scratches and damages that won’t fix even if you try 100 times. Rather, opt for a soft brush or something with smooth ends that will not create any marks or dents on their use.

Mistake 3 Using vinegar or ammonia as a floor cleaner

Using vinegar or ammonia-based products might seem like your best bet when it comes to removing stains, but it’s actually not. You might not notice it right away but you will eventually. This is because such materials can spoil the quality and feel of the wholesale engineered hardwood flooring that you just got installed. Simply, use cleaning products that consist of oils and your floors will thank you later.

Mistake 4 Irregular maintenance

Many people overlook the necessity of getting regular maintenance for wholesale engineered hardwood flooring. You may think that installing it is the only thing that is required. Unfortunately, it is not! To maintain its life span for a longer-term, you should consider getting it maintained from professional wholesale hardwood flooring suppliers.

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