4 Obvious Signs your Hardwood Floors Need To Be Replaced

At some point in our lives, hardwood floors become beyond repair. There are various ways you can spot whether your hardwood floor needs a repair or replacement. Nothing lasts forever, but properly maintaining hand-scraped hardwood flooring can increase its lifespan. There’s no doubt that hand-scraped engineered wood flooring can give your home the most admirable look of all time. But its wear and tear can turn out to be a little too much. So, we have enlisted the most obvious indicators that tell your hardwood floor needs more than just a repair.

Scratch Marks Covering a Larger Area

We all know wooden floors tend to get scratch marks due to the regular activities of our lives. Rearranging furniture to kids playing around is a few of many reasons your hand may have scraped wood flooring, which might have scratches and dents. Particularly, when there are larger damages on the surface, the flooring gets more vulnerable to water damage, chipping, and staining. You should look out for such scratches and flaws from time to time and know when it can be fixed and when it should be repaired.

Popping Out Nail Heads

If exposed to greater traffic or usage, nails can become more visible on the surface. As long as few are popping out here and there; that’s fixable! But if you see unusual amounts of nail heads, know that it is time to install new hand-scraped engineered wood flooring. The rule of thumb to abide by is checking for nail heads and taking action accordingly. In such cases, professional help is always recommended.

Washed-Out Look

Especially if your house is equipped with an old hardwood floor, chances are it must have been discolored by this time. The color of hardwood floors might fade or change due to several reasons such as water damage, sun exposure, staining, and so on. At this stage, you should get refinishing done with the help of experts who have ample knowledge of repair and replacement. Different causes have a different impact on the color of the floor. Some might turn it darker while some might discolor it completely. So, check what the reason is and get it replaced to get a fresh and new look.

Moving Floorboards

Do you hear squeaking or creaking while walking over your hardwood floor? Perhaps you do need to install new hand scraped hardwood flooring. The unpleasant sound is caused due to water damage, frequent wear, and tear, and even its age. This indication can be checked by walking around and noticing it. Also, this means that its foundation is damaged and the floors need to be changed.

As a homeowner, maintaining, repairing, or replacing hardwood floors can be a challenging task. One has to take into consideration the time, money, and efforts that go into its installation. If you connect with Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse, you can be assured of high-quality hand-scraped engineered wood flooring with much better retention and durability. The process doesn’t have to be a hard ordeal if you are in touch with reputed professionals, then that’s all you need to get started.

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