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Bamboo Floors

Just mention “bamboo floors” and many people will imagine strips of uneven cane or round poles which would seem difficult or uncomfortable to walk on if used as a floor. The fact is, this relatively new type of flooring is as flat as any other hardwood or laminate floor as we know it. With the help of recent technological advances, manufacturers are now turning bamboo stalks into high quality ultra smooth flooring on a grand scale in order to meet the fast growing demand for this exceptionally stylish floor covering.

Just like some other wooden floors, the processed and machined cane comes in short laminated strips, planks or tiles, therefore installation is conducted in much the same way to any other similar type of flooring. It should also be said that, being tough and durable, it will also last many years if both properly installed and cared for. See our section on Bamboo Flooring Care for some tips.

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