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Product Spotlight – Rubicon Vinyl – SPC “Flint”

Need something to ‘brighten’ your home? Does your decor need a ‘spark’ of modern color and style? Is your old floor ‘burnt’ out and needs to be replaced? Allow me to shed a little ‘light’ on ways to rejuvenate and improve your living space! I think a perfect ‘match’ for any home is some Luxury Vinyl Tile!

Perhaps the Color “SPC Flint” from Rubicon is just the thing for your flooring needs! The ‘striking’ color and its 20mill wear layer help to make it a durable and modern surface! Also, the attached padding and its intuitive click-installation would make any installer ‘stoked’ to work with it! The competitive pricing would certainly ‘fire’ up your savings and your home! Well, I may be running out of puns; but rubicon is far from running out of their ‘hottest’ new SPC “Flint”!

For more information and pricing, please click the link below!


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