Tips to Style Your Espresso Luxury Vinyl Hardwood Flooring

Bread And Butter.
Scones Or A French Toast With Coffee.
Fresh Bread Finger Sandwiches With English Tea.
Wine And Cheese.
Bonnie And Clyde.
Batman And Robin.

Need we say more? Whether it’s food, clothes, or decor tips for luxury vinyl wood floor tiles, a perfect pair certainly augments the style factor while sprucing up your space manifolds. Dark wood flooring always brings an element of quality and sophistication to a home. If you have decided to go for espresso-hued wholesale vinyl flooring for your Los Angeles home, you are already a style step ahead. However, the right wall color, curtains, furniture, and accessories can create a beautiful contrast while developing a warm yet classy setting.


Pastels work best with dark wood floors. Go for colorful tones with white trims such as pink, light green, sky blue, pale azure, or lavender. A play of white/ off-white with your espresso luxury vinyl hardwood flooring creates a beautiful contrast while accentuating light. Additionally, installing dark wood floors in a room with more light also brings balance while taking the stress off eyes with too much brightness and color.


Aim for a harmonious balance by incorporating beige-toned furniture pieces or any other lighter tone. Darker pieces will blend with your flooring without any definition or differentiation while dulling your space down. Go for a bone or creme-colored couch and pair it with a pink cushioned/ upholstered chair to add a pop of color. If you are thinking about adding rugs, go for pale colors or colorful rugs with intricate patterns in a lighter background.


Sheer creme or white curtains bring a flowy feel while upping the freshness quotient of your room. The best part about sheer fabrics is that they add enough privacy while letting plenty of light in with a hint of class. If you have decided to go for blinds, opt for fabric panel blinds to add a textured element to the decor flow of your room.


For wall art, try matching its frame with the color of the flooring. This brings the dark colors to eye level while bringing the bigger style picture together. You can incorporate some mirrors to add some light while making your room more open and wider. Place house plants for an essence of nature. Another advantage of adding house plants is that it livens up the rather dull space.

The key is to avoid monotony and play with different elements. Hopefully, this blog could help you decide on some decor options for your espresso luxury vinyl wood tiles.

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