4 Awesome Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

There is no arguing with the fact that hardwood flooring adds character and charm to your living space while immediately increasing the value of your property in the market. Some people shy away from hardwood flooring because of the upfront investment it requires, others stick to carpets because, well, it is quite a popular alternative to hardwood. Weighing the pros and cons of hardwood against carpet is a tedious task and in case you are wondering who emerges as the winner, it is definitely the former. Hardwood floors not only look stunning and elegant but also last much longer than carpets making them the right choice. After all, you would want to use all the right materials to build your home sweet home! Before we tell you the amazing reasons which make hardwood floors a more viable option than carpets, a friendly heads up to any of you looking to buy hardwood flooring at wholesale prices, you have landed at just the right place!  

Here are 4 reasons that will make you ditch the carpet and opting for hardwood:

1. Unlike carpet, hardwood floors come with the luxury of getting refinished time after time for a long time which means they last much longer. The hardwood that loses its shine and starts looking damaged gets a gorgeous new like appearance once sanded and refinished. Even the finest quality carpet with regular professional cleaning won’t last longer than a decade or a little more but hardwood floors may even last a lifetime.

2. When compared to carpet, the durability of hardwood is much more. The rate at which it accumulates wear and tears over the years is slower than carpet. Carpets are susceptible to permanent stains and retain unpleasant odor while hardwood floors stay beautiful and are easier to revitalize. As it comes with a protective finish layer, hardwood is quite hard-wearing. Carpets require professional cleaning at least twice a year while hardwood flooring requires one at an interval of 2 to 3 years.

3. Spending on hardwood flooring is a good form of investment as well. Hardwood enhances the value of your property in the market. Buyers are willing to spend more on a house that comes with hardwood floors. Higher upfront costs may keep you from choosing hardwood but in terms of long term costs, it definitely offers a lucrative deal. Try to buy hardwood flooring at wholesale prices to cut down on the one-time cost.  

4. Hardwood flooring is totally in when it comes to home décor. If you want to ace the style game when it comes to your living space, sticking with hardwood is a safe bet. Wooden floors have been popular in the world of interior décor for ages. A choice that is extremely stylish and is probably never likely to go out of style! That is what we call money well spent. If you want a cohesive floor design that has a timeless appeal to it, don’t think twice before finalizing hardwood.  
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