How to Restore the Glory of Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring renders a sleek appearance to any living space by adding instant warmth and character to the room. It is easy to clean and is surely hard-wearing. You do not have to worry about the floors showing signs of wear and tear as would have been the case with carpet. Wood is not a friend of dust mites making it a smarter choice for those who suffer from asthma and any kind of allergy. With time, however, hardwood also starts showing signs of wear and when that happens know that your wooden floors are in need of a makeover. Proper maintenance will restore the original glory of your wooden flooring. A friendly heads up to those of you who are looking for reasonable flooring warehouse options, you have come to the right place.  

If you thought refinishing was the only feasible way to fix your hardwood, think again! Worn out wood flooring can be brought back to perfection in the following ways:

  1.  Refinishing– It is the process whereby the existing finish of your hardwood is removed and replaced. You may decide to put on those gloves and do the job yourself but we would advise roping in professionals for it may get tedious after a point. Before sanding the floor you will need to empty the room. Only after the floor has been vacuumed and wiped, can the new finish be applied.

  2.  Recoating– This is a comparatively simpler and quicker process than the former. Here, a new coat of finish is applied over the existing finish. Recoating is suitable in scenarios when there is no need to remove the previous finish. The floor which is to be recoated must be cleaned thoroughly with a gentle hardwood cleaner. Before the application of the new finish, check the floor for any moisture or dust.

  3.  Scratch Repairing– Scratched hardwood doesn’t look appealing at all and potentially ruins the aesthetic of the entire room. Having said that, there is no need to go for a refinish if the flooring just has a couple of scratches here and there. Special wood markers are available in hardware stores. Use them to color in the scratched surface. Wax crayon is another simple DIY remedy for minor scratches. If a scratch is deep, you will need to fill it in with matching wood putty.

  4. Maintenance– Maintaining wooden flooring is not that big a challenge. You just have to take some precautionary steps for your hardwood to last a lifetime. So, for example, take out shoes before walking into the room and place mats outside to ensure dust and debris are kept outside. Vacuum regularly to avoid dust buildup and always use a microfiber mop or soft bristle broom to prevent scratches. Limit wet mopping and it is best to keep harsh cleaning agents away from the hardwood surface.

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