Choosing Hardwood Flooring? Consider These 3 Things First

Is it time to change the hardwood flooring of your home? It is a big investment that not only adds aesthetics and functionality to your living space but also enhances the value of your property; choose just the right kind.The beauty and benefits of hardwood floors are sure to awe any homeowner. Comfort, durability, and affordability are a few things that make them a feasible option. And let’s not forget the cozy warmth they add to your rooms.The suppliers of the best engineered wood flooring in San Diego have come up with a guide to help you choose a wood flooring that suits your requirements perfectly. We know the choices are many, and it may get a little overwhelming.

Let’s start with the types of hardwood floors

Primarily, there are two types of hardwood floorings- engineered hardwood and solid hardwood.

Engineered hardwood floors consist of multiple layers of composite material and plywood and are topped with a solid hardwood layer. Solid wood floors, available unfinished or prefinished, are milled from solid logs of wood.

Both offer the aesthetic of real hardwood, and the primary difference is their composition. Solid hardwood floors tend to expand and contract as per the house’s humidity. Therefore, they should be installed on the above grades or ground floor. Engineered floors offer stability because of their multi-ply construction and are fit to be installed at any level of your home, including damp areas like bathrooms and basements.

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Moving on to the choice of wood species available for flooring

A crucial part of choosing the right floors for your home is understanding the types of wood species used for flooring.

The harder the wood, the more durable it will be. While White and Red Oak are both the preferred choices of many homeowners, Red Oak is the benchmark of hardness and offers great durability. Other popular choices are Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Birch, and Brazilian Cherry.

Think about your lifestyle before finalizing the hardwood flooring for your home. Do you have kids and pets who love running around and playing indoors? You should opt for hard hardwood.

Appearance, grain, and color matter too

Matching your wood flooring with the décor of your interiors is a must. That should not be a problem as there is variety in terms of style, color, and finish.

If you have traditional interiors, engineered hardwood floors in Walnut, Oak, or Maple will look great. For homes that have colonial-style interiors, Maple and Oak in random plank widths will be smart choices. If you want a contemporary setting, go for a whitewash or dark charcoal finish.

Remember that the same wood species can look completely different in different finishing. So, the finish that a mid to high gloss Oak will offer will not be the same as a distressed or hand-scraped Oak.
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