Flooring Basics 101: Everything You Need To Know About Engineered Flooring

If you have an upcoming flooring project for your home, you must have come across multitudes of flooring options. Out of the many alternatives, Rockwood engineered flooring is gaining popularity. As for your house’s flooring, you may look for a choice that has great appeal and durability. Known to have both and a host of other benefits, it is best to know the ins and outs of engineered hardwood floors. Here’s a rundown of the flooring and its basics.

Easier Installation

Compared to solid unfinished hardwood floors, installing pre-finished Rockwood engineered flooring is a lot simpler. Engineered floors with a click-lock system enable you to complete an entire installation and set it up in one day. The reduced installation time is one of the reasons behind its increased popularity. The floating click system has an added benefit that allows you to have the floor ready to use without air tools or fasteners.

Dimensionally Stable

These floors are constructed by sticking the plywood layers together and then layering the top with specific kinds of wood. The plywood arrangement follows rotating every layer’s grain and making it perpendicular to the one below and above it. This setting results in decreased movement-expansion and contraction- since the wood is hydroscopic. The frequency of movement is reduced, and thus, the flooring choice is more resistant to moisture content and humidity changes.

Environment Friendly

Engineered floors consist of a hardwood layer on the top of other plywood layers, typically 3mm+ in thickness. As the amount of wood used in the construction of these flooring is significantly lesser than solid wood floors, it makes them more sustainable. It also depends on how the manufacturers make their veneers from a single log. As a fact, the more wood obtained from one log, means less wastage.

Best-Suited For Just About Any Room

Another plus point in terms of what engineered floors have to offer is that they can be installed below, above, or on grade. This means that there are various options for you to choose from, whether you want to install the hardwood floor in an enormous hall or any other space you desire. Besides, some can be installed over heat radiating systems as well.

Stronger By Built

Manufacturers create these floors’ veneers by placing a log on a huge lathe-looking device. The log is rotated while the sharp edge spools off the wood used against it. This method produces more output but makes the veneer is exposed to damage. Manufacturers use another way to create veneers, and that is known as the sawn face, where the log is cut into thin strips. There is almost little wood waste here, but the final result is substantial.

Renewal Of Surface After Every Few Years

Engineered floors are durable and may last up to 20 to 40 years. Choosing engineered floor options among the Rockwood flooring could be a great choice since the pre-finished forms are rigid and have a factory-applied finish. Thus, the color would not fade even after several years. However, you’re allowed to re-sand and re-finish the surface after every few years.

Flooring adds a great deal of appeal to an entire home or workspace. Search for “Rockwood flooring online” or get in touch with Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse for more information.

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