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Collection Spotlight – Garrison Collection – Cantina Collection

As charming and bold as Spanish taverns of a bygone era, the Cantina collection brings out the old world with an uncommon authenticity. Using a plethora of time-tested tools and techniques to handcraft each unique seven-and-a-half inch wide plank, our artisans ensure each of these magnificent colors has a story to tell. Featuring a distressed face treatment accentuated with chatter and finished with our signature ultra-durable Urethane with Aluminum Oxide coating, the flooring in this collection is engineered to stand the test of time and look timeless doing so. With magnificent colors in maple and hickory, The 2 mm wear layer is finished with Garrison’s signature 9 to 11 coats of ultra-durable urethane with aluminum oxide! Best of all, this value-oriented flooring comes at an astonishingly low price, unheard of for luxury, wide plank flooring!

Discover the robust and beautiful Cantina collection!

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