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Collection Spotlight – Garrison Collection – Canyon Crest

This collection fuses the beauty of nature with the grandeur of mountains, resulting in stunningly wide ten-and-a-quarter inch planks available in a variety of aesthetics. Each plank exhibits a unique texture created by wire-brushing the flooring, and the thick 4 mm wear layer ensures durability and longevity. With a wide range of nature-inspired colors to choose from and planks up to seven feet long in both Hard Wax Oil and Urethane with Aluminum Oxide finish options, the sky is the limit with this superior collection. Canyon Crest collection offers a wide array of aesthetics to suit various styles. Designed by nature and crafted by their environments, this collection boasts breathtaking patterns and unique colors unlike any other. These extraordinarily wide planks are mostly 7 feet long and feature a very thick wear layer. Treated with a wire brushed technique, each 10 1/4″ wide plank exhibits a unique texture which gives floors an exceptional longevity that will stand the test of time of everyday wear.

Discover the Natural Beauty of the Canyon Crest Collection!



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