The Positives And Negatives of Wire Brushed Hardwood Flooring

Many of us long for hardwood floors because they are beautiful and well-textured, don’t we? Before investing in any flooring, the main game depends on how much we know about them. So what exactly is wire brushed hardwood flooring?

The textured finish in hardwood floors is from brushing. The brushed finishes are produced with a spinning steel wire brush that moves over the surface during its construction. This allows the makers to remove residuals and grains from the upper surface to get a textured finish. The texture depth varied from light to heavy. Here, light implies a small amount of texture, and heavy means dense texture – relatively easy to understand. If wire brushed wood floors have successfully attracted your attention, as it does to almost every other buyer, you have to consider a few more things besides its appearance.

The ‘Pluses’ Of Wire Brushed Wood Floors

To get a traditional look, buy wire brushed wood flooring with a rustic and distressed appeal. If you don’t want to have shiny flooring, go for lacquered or oil-brushed floors. You can enjoy the best of both worlds at the same time by opting for alternatives that are slightly sanded and treated with matte oil. Nevertheless, they will look natural and authentic, subtracting the textured look. Wire brushed wood floors are excellent at hiding damage from normal wear and tear. The scratches and dents blend in well with a finish that’s already pretty rough. Having a textured floor will give you a tactic feel and a firm grip on the ground. The finish of wire brushed hardwood flooring becomes stronger on removing the softer wood and can withstand more damage as they’re harder. This flooring type is ideal for handling lots of foot traffic, kids, and pets at home because with this; you wouldn’t have to worry about scratches.

The ‘Minuses’ of Wire Brushed Wood Floors

Like a coin with two sides, wire-brushed floors have another side to it, too. Cleaning a textured floor can be more challenging because the grain collects grime and dirt more easily. It will be tougher to wipe stains and spills upon smooth surfaces. Another drawback to the textured floors is the sanding aspect. Sanding a particular area can cause the rest of the room to look inconsistent with the surfacing.

Moreover, if boards are sanded too much, it can damage the wood, and it won’t last long. Also, if wire-brushed wood floor finishes are not manufactured correctly, they may end up looking unnatural. It’s best to look are the most extensive section of the hardwood to get a clear picture of how it will look. Small samples are never enough to demonstrate its actual appearance.

Whenever you buy wire brushed wood flooring, make sure you get it from a reputable provider. Your flooring should make your house look beautiful and worthwhile.  If you’re planning to upgrade your flooring at home, check Wholesale Woodfloor Warehouse’s offerings online and walk into one of our stores to make a purchase. We are the best source for Wire brushed and oil-finished flooring from popular brands such as Monarch Plank, The Garrison Collection, Urbanfloor, and more!

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