Dark Or Light Engineered Hardwood Flooring? The Yin-Yang Of Flooring Universe

It’s understandable why more and more people are looking for engineered hardwood flooring options for sale. It doesn’t contract or expand as much as natural wood flooring. It can be sanded, refinished, offers a range of finishes, grades, and coloration, and is highly durable. Additionally, the engineered hardwood flooring for your San Diego home also unlocks anti-allergen properties, and not to forget, serving some great looks. However, most homeowners get locked on one thing- whether to go for a darker wood or a lighter one?

This blog will be sharing information on both dark and light engineered wood flooring options to make your flooring decision a tad bit easier.


Dark engineered hardwood flooring options include mahogany, ebony, cherry, black walnut, acacia, and other dark hardwoods. The deep rich colors of dark wood flooring make the space all the more inviting and warm. A good quality dark wood flooring helps you achieve depth with a high-gloss effect that is impossible with lighter wood options. You can experience the following benefits with darker wood flooring:

  • The more visible wood grain leads to a more natural aesthetic.
  • It is less likely to fade due to the high absorption of light.
  • Darker flooring requires lesser maintenance and repair.
  • They also help you set a better contrast while making a dramatic and bold style statement. It is a great way to make your entire room “pop.”

However, dark engineered hardwood flooring has its share of disadvantages as well.

  • Scratches tend to be more visible on dark flooring. It’s due to the coming off the darker outer stain that reveals the inner lighter part of the wood.
  • Although darker stains and debris might not show easily, lighter dust and debris tend to show easily over them. Therefore you need to regularly dust and mop the flooring.
  • There is a trick with darker flooring. If your walls aren’t light enough compared to your choice of dark shade, it can make your room seem a lot smaller.


Lighter hardwood flooring tends to have an elegant and dainty appeal with a touch of subtlety. Some of the popular light hardwood flooring options include pine, maple, champagne, lighter European oaks, among other possibilities. You unlock the following lighter advantages for your space:

  • Lighter shades are easy to work with. You don’t have to think about the color or decor of your room much. They go perfectly with lighter walls.
  • If your rooms are a bit gloomy, a lighter flooring can open up your space and add more light to it. It is a great way to make the rooms look bigger.
  • Light-colored hardwood flooring has a timeless, classic appeal.

But, the downsides are:

  • There are chances of a lighter flooring option to wash out your room entirely.
  • Variants of fir, birch, and pine are more susceptible to scratches and dents.
  • They require more frequent staining and maintenance as compared to their darker counterparts.

Depending upon what works best for your room, you can decide on the color. If you still have doubts about options, feel free to browse our latest extensive inventory of high-quality modern engineered flooring.

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