3 Hot Laminate Flooring Trends to Give a Thought in 2021

Hardwood floors add great aesthetic value to a property. They give your floors a modern touch while keeping the vibe natural. However, they are costly and require great care which gives rise to the need for an alternative. Laminate flooring can be a perfect option for people who want to stick to trends without burning a hole in their pocket.

Laminate wood flooring in Sacramento replicates wood, requires less to no maintenance, and is considerably affordable, ensuring durability and cost-effectiveness. There are several different laminate flooring options available from which you can choose.

In case you care for what’s in, here are 3 trendy laminate flooring options for 2021:

Reclaimed wood-look laminate

This is the hottest pick for the season as it is becoming rapidly popular among Americans. These floors resemble reclaimed wood as they are manufactured in the same manner, mimicking all the burns and scrapes to give them the perfect recycled touch.

While real reclaimed wood is a great option for people who are environmentalists at heart, it comes with its limitations such as lack of durability and little to no resistance to water. Laminate flooring puts an end to all these things, ensuring a better lifespan without compromising on the original look.

Distressed wood-look laminate

Another popular style, these days, is distressed wood-look laminate flooring. Real distressed wood gets its unique appearance because of environmental factors over time which is a long process. To recreate the same magic, laminate floor manufacturers have come up with this idea of distressed wood-look laminate that truly resemble the real distressed wood.

These floors are easily available at both online and offline stores. You can buy distressed laminate wood flooring online or visit a nearby store to explore different colors and patterns.

Handscraped wood-look laminate

You might have seen handscaped wood floors. They are love at the first sight, aren’t they? It is a happy feeling to see each plank carefully crafted to be one of a kind. What about recreating the same effect with laminate? Well, you don’t have to get it customized as it is already a hot thing that is rapidly taking over the market.

Handscarped wood-look laminate is a less expensive alternative to solid handscraped wood floors. It is a replica of the latter in terms of appearance and texture and can be easily installed. People who love handicrafts may find this flooring close to their heart.

The bottom line

Laminate flooring is currently among the most preferred flooring options among Americans. Its texture and feel quickly enhance the appeal of a property and it is amazingly affordable at the same time. You don’t have to invest a lot in its installation and maintenance which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to give a wooden touch to their house without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for hardwood laminate flooring with discount, explore our collection of laminate online or walk into any of our stores and pick your ideal laminate floors for the best price.

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